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Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

What is Teeth Whitening?

Discover the secret to a brighter Your Smile Premium teeth whitening services in Abu Dhabi, Al ain

Having beautiful white teeth is always a confidence booster. Apart from giving you confidence, perfectly aligned white teeth can prevent diseases, keep your gums and mouth healthy too. So, the best way to smile brightly and enjoy better oral health is by having white teeth and healthy gums through our teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi services.

Our journey began with our commitment to patients, while the focus is on providing them with unwavering excellence of care. At Shield Medical Center, we take special care in creating a warm and inviting environment for our patients so they will feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedures.

Our dentists and orthodontists have received the highest levels of certification, and their relentless pursuit of knowledge and constant refinement of skills make a positive impact on the services that we provide.

Through our teeth whitening process, we will be able to make your teeth several shades whiter than it is now, because the foods that you eat and drinks that you consume will definitely darken the teeth. It is true that teeth become yellowish with age, but the foods and beverages also play a major role.

Our clinic has state-of-the-art technologies and dentists are well-versed in the latest cutting-edge techniques. We offer comprehensive dental services that will not only whiten teeth, but will brighten your smile and enhance oral health. By choosing our teeth whitening services, we will be able to ease your anxiety away because our focus is on making you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. By coming to our clinic for teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi services, you can be assured of excellent services at competitive rates, and definitely several times better and more durable than any OTC products that you get. And painless, of course!

Our teeth whitening treatments will quickly and effectively remove the stains, without damaging the teeth at all.  We serve Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas. Fix an appointment with us today to know more about our teeth whitening procedures. We are always available to answer any questions that you have regarding any teeth-related restorative or cosmetic procedures.

How effective are professional teeth whitening services?

The most effective method of teeth whitening is in-chair because your dentist will be able to perform a thorough cleaning to eliminate any plaque buildup and guarantee that the teeth whitening solution is applied to a clean, flat surface. Your teeth could become brighter after just one session with a dentist, and the shades of brightness that can be attained depend on the color of your teeth.

Schedule a teeth-whitening appointment with one of our dentists if you’re ready to boost your self-confidence and have a whiter, brighter smile.

What is Zoom Teeth whitening procedure?

The quickest and most efficient teeth whitening procedure is Zoom teeth whitening, which can whiten your teeth up to 6 to 8 shades in just two hours. It has been clinically demonstrated to be secure, efficient, quick, and able to provide longer-lasting effects than alternative solutions. Our patients experience comfortable teeth whitening procedures with no discomfort or sensitivity because it is carried out by a dental professional.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Our teeth whitening process begins by an initial consultation with our dentists. We would analyze your teeth, discuss your goals, and determine the kind of teeth whitening procedure that you need. Once our dentists have determined that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, the hygienist will start the professional cleaning by removing the plaque and build-up on your teeth. This will remove the plaque and other build up on your teeth.

 This is a quick process and will be over quickly. Our dentist will remove the coating or film on your teeth before the actual whitening procedure. Our dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly and determine if there are any cracks or chips on the teeth, even gum receding gum lines and cavities can be a problem. This would cause the teeth whitening to irritate.

As the next step, the dentist will place a cheek-retractor to expose your teeth for the whitening procedure. Then they will place a protective resin or gel to protect the gums from being irritated. Our dentists will then lace the actual bleaching gel, which they will leave on for some time. Next, we will also apply a laser whitening treatment to intensify the effects of the whitening treatment. Once the whitening treatment is completed, we will remove the protective guard and examine the effects of the treatment. You can go home, armed with some tips on how to take care of the teeth post whitening.

After care procedure

The aftercare procedure for the teeth whitening is very simple. You need to avoid eating foods that will stain the teeth and avoid drinking coffee, tea, beer and similar beverages. The first 48 hours is the most crucial time for your teeth because your teeth are likely to get stained during that time., so avoid colored food and beverages during that time. It is also advisable to avoid acidic food like pickles, soda, lemon lines and similar items. These foods can open up the enamel and stain them easily. Eating such foods can also hasten tooth decay, especially after a whitening procedure.

So what are the foods that you can eat?

Anything that doesn’t stain the teeth harshly. You can have milk, eggs, fish, chicken breasts, rice, bread, yogurt, cottage cheese, potatoes, tofu, pasta and any food with no artificial coloring. Even foods like beetroot, blueberries can cause teeth staining.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Post teeth whitening from our clinic, you will start to be more confident about your smile. The effects of the procedure will depend on how well you maintain the teeth and the kind of food habits that you are likely to follow. With proper care, your teeth can last for more than a year.

It is not just the cosmetic or aesthetic aspect that is going to be beneficial. With customized and personalized teeth whitening procedure at Shield Medical Centre you will enjoy better oral health, thereby lessening the chances of getting cavities and gum diseases. Since we remove the plaque, we eliminate the breeding ground for bacteria as well.

There are many benefits of the teeth whitening procedure in Abu Dhabi.

  • Removes discoloration of your teeth due to specific lifestyle or dietary habits
  • Removes any stains that happen due to the foods you eat
  • Improves your self-esteem will make you look happy and confident
  • You will smile more often because of whiter and healthier-looking teeth
  • Reduces bacteria in your teeth
  • Hides any imperfections such as minor cracks or chips
  • Quick, easy, and painless procedure

Aftercare tips for Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi

For 48 hours after your teeth whitening procedure, avoid any foods that are acid-based. This includes soda, pickles, and citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. Also avoid foods that can cause stains.

If you are looking for getting professional teeth whitening, then Shield Medical Center in Abu Dhabi is for you. Call us today at +971523811826, +03 7377887 in Al Ain branch, and +02 627 7738, or +058 542 7977 in Abu Dhabi Plaza branch.


As coloured molecules adhere to plaque, tartar, and the tooth's surface, stains are created on the teeth. Dental cleanings assist in removing plaque and tartar, but occasionally the stains reappear in the dentin, the layer beneath. The discoloration molecules adhered to the teeth are dispersed by the bleaching solution when it reacts with carbon from the dentin and oxygen from the air.
Prior to your whitening session, have your teeth professionally cleaned. This will make it simpler for the dentist doing the teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi to whiten all of the surfaces of your teeth. To get rid of food particles stuck between your teeth that prevent certain regions from being whitened with our cutting-edge technology, your cosmetic dentist advises a deep teeth cleaning.
Sensitivity to the teeth and gums might result with teeth whitening. While some individuals may only need to reduce the bleaching's intensity and duration to minimise sensitivity, other patients may need to. Consult your dentist about strategies to reduce sensitivity, and always have a qualified professional do the treatment. Your dentist performing teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi might propose using a particular toothpaste both before and after the operation, as well as only recommending specific kinds of whitening. In most cases, taking an over-the-counter pain killer can help to lessen the symptoms if you do feel sensitivity after treatment.
Most of the time, our quick, in-office teeth whitening al ain treatment just take an hour! At our welcoming office, you can unwind while watching TV or using our free internet to post videos and pictures of your teeth-whitening experience. We'll be there to bring you anything you need, of course! Once every few months or up to several times each week until the desired result is obtained, at-home whitening trays can be utilised. At-home trays enable a more gradual transition and are also useful for retaining shade following an in-office treatment. Outcomes differ from person to person and depend on the type and intensity of staining.
One big advantage of having your teeth whitened by a dentist is that you greatly limit the possibility of causing any harm to your gums, tooth enamel, or other oral structures. When you get teeth whitening from a dentist, you can be sure that you're getting genuine whitening materials from reliable suppliers that are applied by workers who have undergone professional training. Also, this will lower your risk of experiencing tooth sensitivity or root damage.
Avoid eating anything that could discolour your smile for at least 48 hours following a whitening procedure. Better still, if you can make it a full week. Avoiding coffee, tea, dark drink, or wine is crucial since the tooth enamel is extremely porous and absorbs colour quickly after a whitening procedure.
Patients can extend the life of their teeth whitening by eating a nutritious diet, quitting smoking, avoiding foods and beverages that stain teeth, using a straw when appropriate, and scheduling routine dental cleanings. Bleach and custom take-home whitening trays can be maintained by the patient as needed and last for several months. With the help of bespoke whitening trays, in-office whitening results can be maintained at home for up to a year. To safeguard your teeth enamel and gums, we do not advise in-office whitening more frequently than once per year.
Yes. Many individuals hold the false belief that teeth whitening are dangerous, which is not true at all. Professional tooth whitening is quite safe. It's crucial to realise that going overboard might be dangerous. During the whitening procedure, the enamel is momentarily peeled, which, if overdone, can affect the teeth over the long run.
A high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel, which is applied via a syringe. a high-intensity light source, such as an LED, UV, or halogen, in combination with hydrogen peroxide. A lamp or laser device that is placed directly outside of your mouth applies the light.
It is advisable to stay away from anything that can further stain your teeth in the weeks before your teeth-whitening treatment. Most dental stains are brought on by food, drink, and lifestyle choices. Dark fruit juices, red wine, soda, coffee, tea, and these substances are frequently to blame for stained teeth.
The benefits of tooth whitening might last anywhere from 6 months to up to 2-3 years. From one person to another person, it differs.