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Teeth Scaling Services Abu Dhabi, Al Ain

Promote Healthy Oral Hygiene Practices with the Help of Teeth Scaling Experts

Maintaining oral health requires routine visits to your dentist. Even though you brush and floss, plaque still builds up in areas that are difficult to reach with your toothbrush alone. Your dentist is an expert at cleaning teeth and will give you teeth a good “scale and polish.” Dentists have all the equipment necessary to remove plaque gathered. They are experts who have specialized training in preventative oral care.


Scaling and polishing is a common dental procedure to reduce oral bacteria in the mouth that is inaccessible with normal brushing. Scaling and polishing are preventative procedures; therefore, people of all ages should think about getting them done to maintain their oral health. This is because once the gums begin to weaken, a more complex dental procedure can be necessary. It is suggested that you get a complete cleaning procedure with scaling and polishing if you have bad breath, yellow teeth, or swollen/bleeding gums. Your search for teeth scaling near me is over as you will find us at the top of the search list.

How is the treatment done?


At Shield Medical Center, we use the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) technique that uses EMS Airflow Swiss Technology . Guided Biofilm Therapy is a cutting-edge, minimally intrusive method of dental prophylaxis and maintenance that gives a kinder, more thorough clean for the teeth and gums.

The hygienist will evaluate your oral health during your visit to our Abu Dhabi clinic and look for any indications of caries, gingivitis, or periodontitis. If you have implants, you will be examined to look for peri-implantitis or mucositis symptoms. First, a special mouthwash will be used to rinse out your mouth.


Your dental hygienist will be able to view the biofilm that has to be removed by using a biofilm-disclosing agent (EMS Biofilm Disclosure). Once the biofilm has been cleared, finding the calculus will be simpler. To avoid the formation of biofilm, your hygienist will provide you with some oral hygiene advice.


Your hygienist will clean your natural teeth, implants, and/or restorations by using the EMS Airflow® (air polishing) and Piezoceramic scaling technology to remove biofilm, stains, and early calculus. TA special powder will be used to eliminate biofilm from between the gums and the enamel. The hygienist will also remove the biofilm in your gums, tongue, and palate. Various nozzles will be used to repeat the process.


You will be asked to smile so that the dentist can verify that all of the dental biofilm and calculus have been removed. Once it is clear, fluoride will be used to protect your teeth from sensitivity so you can flash the brightest grin ever! Be sure to go over the details of your follow-up appointment at our clinic in Abu Dhabi with your hygienist.

Benefits of professional teeth cleaning


Cleaning your teeth is not simply for a smile makeover. More issues than you might imagine can arise from failing to keep your mouth completely clean. Here are some of the benefits of routine dental exams, scaling, polishing, and professional teeth cleaning in Abu Dhabi:


a. Avoid Cavities


Failure to properly clean our teeth results in plaque build-up, which is the main cause of dental decay. You know what they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” Cavities can develop because the acid that food debris causes eats away at the tooth enamel. In order to avoid cavities, professional teeth cleaning goes through all the difficult-to-reach regions that normal tooth brushing and flossing may overlook.


b. Removes risk of losing your tooth


Plaque accumulation on the teeth is another factor in the development of gum disease, which, left untreated, can result in tooth loss that is permanent. Your jawbones will gradually deteriorate as the plaque gets to the teeth and gum line, which will lead to the eventual loss of your teeth. Regular dental cleanings can dramatically lower the risk of tooth loss. There are many teeth scaling near you such as Shield Medical Center that will help you get good oral treatment at an affordable price.


c. Get Stain-Free Teeth


Your teeth are likely to be discolored if you enjoy consuming dark-colored liquids (coffee, tea, soft drinks), or if you smoke. Stain removal with whitening toothpaste is limited. Your teeth will be free of stains after receiving professional teeth cleaning treatments, and polishing will make them even whiter and brighter.


e. Removes bad breath


People rarely become aware of their unpleasant breath. Allow the skilled hygienists in our clinic in Abu Dhabi to check its potential reasons and have your teeth cleaned properly to avoid future embarrassment.


f. Enhances General Health


Your overall health will benefit when your teeth and gums are clear of bacteria. Studies have shown that regular dental cleanings reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, if you get routine dental and oral exams, you may be able to spot certain early signs of medical issues.


So why wait? If you are looking for teeth scaling near you, then call us today to book an appointment and get your oral health back on track. Call us at +02 627 7738 or +058 542 7977.




It is advised to wait a few hours after teeth scaling before consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. Moreover, it's crucial to follow a diet of soft foods for the first day and stay away from anything crunchy, sticky, or hard that can irritate your gums. If you are looking for a “teeth scaling center near me”, you are sure to find us on top of the list.
It is advised to refrain from smoking, ingesting alcohol, and consuming foods or beverages that are known to stain teeth, such as coffee or red wine, in order to guarantee optimal healing and prevent any issues. It's crucial to continue practicing good dental hygiene, which includes carefully brushing and flossing the regions that have been treated.
It is preferable to refrain from consuming meals or beverages like coffee, tea, or red wine before having your teeth scaled. It is also advised that you tell your dentist about any medications or health issues before the operation.
Teeth scaling is a professional dental cleaning procedure that removes plaque, tartar, and stains from the teeth and below the gum line. After scaling, the teeth will feel cleaner, and the gums will appear healthier. However, to maintain the results, it is important to continue practicing good oral hygiene habits and scheduling regular dental cleanings.
Dental scaling is necessary to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to gum disease if left untreated. It helps prevent gum inflammation, bleeding gums, bad breath, and potential tooth loss. Dental scaling is an essential part of maintaining oral health and preventing more serious dental issues.
During the dental scaling procedure, a dental professional will use specialized instruments to carefully remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of the teeth and below the gum line. The process may also involve root planing, which smooths the tooth roots to promote gum tissue healing and prevent future plaque buildup.
Searching for “teeth scaling near me”? Then, we at Shield Medical Center are here for you. Dental scaling is a safe and efficient operation when carried out by a qualified and experienced dental expert. To preserve the security and integrity of your teeth, it is crucial to select a trustworthy dental provider, such as Shield Medical Center, that employs highly qualified dental specialists and makes use of the right techniques and instruments.
Yes, dental scaling is necessary for maintaining optimal oral health. Regular dental cleanings, including scaling, help remove plaque and tartar buildup, which cannot be effectively removed by regular brushing and flossing alone. By undergoing dental scaling, you can prevent gum disease, maintain healthy gums, and preserve the longevity of your teeth.