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Retainers Services in Abu Dhabi

The orthodontist must work very hard and you must be very patient in order to get that perfect smile. Bear in mind that removing your braces won’t be enough to retain your beautiful smile for life. You’ll also need to wear a retainer to maintain your teeth’s ideal alignment for many years. There are many dental clinics that offer you high-quality retainers in Abu Dhabi.

A retainer is a crucial component of your orthodontic treatment because it keeps your new smile after braces are removed. Your Shield Medical Center orthodontist will create a customized retainer to use in maintaining the outcomes of your treatment. Each person has a unique retainer manufactured for them. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment depends on wearing your retainer as directed.

There are several different retainers. Some are fixed i.e. glued to your teeth while some are detachable. The type of retainer that good retains the new placements of your teeth will be given to you by your orthodontist.

Fixed, removable clear trays (Essix retainers), as well as the more prevalent acrylic plate and wire retainers, are the three main types of retainers (Hawley retainers). Your orthodontist should carefully go over your retainer options with you because there may be more than one that will work for you. The nature of your treatment will determine the optimal course of action.

Fixed retainers are firmly attached behind your front teeth and are made of a thin, barely visible wire. You may need to see your orthodontist to have them fixed if they break or become deformed.

Essix retainers are clear, discreet, and resemble Invisalign aligners in appearance. They are normally worn just at night.

Hawley retainers are relatively strong and have been used for a long time, but they are a little thicker than the other options.

Based on whether your retainers are removable or fixed, your orthodontist will advise you on how long to wear them. The greatest way to prevent tooth movement following orthodontic treatment is to wear your retainers as directed.

Benefits of retainers

If getting your teeth straightened was a process for you, you’ll want to take every precaution to keep your smile alignment. You may be encouraged to wear your retainer to maintain your perfectly straight smile after you first take out your braces or finish your Invisalign® treatment.

1. It prevents teeth from moving

The purpose of retainers is to safeguard your teeth’s long-term structural integrity. For maintaining adequate retainer wear, the first month is critical. Teeth are more likely to resume their natural crooked shape during this time. Our teeth slip and the width of our smiles diminish as we age due to a process called “natural physiological drift.” You can prevent drifting by wearing retainers.

2. It promotes good dental health

Cleaning teeth that are straight are simple to maintain. Crooked teeth have grooves and crevices that breed bacteria and food particles. Straight teeth are easier to maintain clean with proper brushing and flossing techniques. Your need for braces to correct your teeth is mostly medical in nature rather than purely aesthetic, as misaligned teeth can lead to infections, cavities, and other long-term issues.

3. It facilitates speaking and breathing

Breathing and communication are only two of the many aspects of your daily life that are impacted by your teeth and their alignment. You might have trouble breathing or pronouncing words prior to having your teeth straightened, however, you might not realize it until it is pointed out to you. Your retainer can help you keep a posture that promotes healthy breathing, clear speech, and long-term breathing improvement. A good orthodontist can help you get the customized retainer for you in Abu Dhabi.

How to care for retainers

Even after the retainers are taken off, your orthodontic care continues. Your new tooth arrangement must be stabilized with retainers. Backbones in the oral cavity are absorbed as a result of the braces or aligners forcing the teeth to reposition themselves in the mouth. You must wear the retainers for a time period prescribed by your orthodontist in order to keep your new appearance. Patients frequently have to continue using these products throughout their entire lifetimes. The duration may potentially be only three months, depending on various conditions. Retainers are to be used seldom, typically three to five times per week, for those who need to wear them for the rest of their lives.

1. Clean your retainer regularly

Give your retainers the same care as your own teeth! After each use, gently wash your retainer with a toothbrush and water. It is best to avoid brushing your retainer with toothpaste because it may be abrasive and cause scratches that will make it harder to maintain your retainer clean.

2. Always Wear Your Retainer

Use your retainer as per your orthodontist’s suggestion. To ensure that your smile remains flawless, it is best to keep your retainer erect. Retainers only function if you really wear them.

3. Avoid Heat On Your Retainer

Only if it fits properly will your retainer function. It will be prepared by your doctor with the ideal support for your mouth, but it is your responsibility to keep it that way. Avoid keeping your retainer in a warm area, such as a hot car or a windowsill. It will wrap or melt. Never put it in boiling water; even if you may believe that doing so will make it as clean as possible, the heat will damage it.

4. Keep Pets Away From Your Retainer

Yes, you adore your pet, but they have a specific talent for nibbling on retainers. At all times, keep your retainer secure and away from animals.

5. Do Not Apply Napkins To Your Retainer

During meals, it could be simple for your waiter or you to unintentionally throw your retainer in the garbage if you wrap it in a napkin. Keep your retainer in its storage box so it doesn’t end up in the trash!

6. Soak Your Retention

Try soaking your retainer to give it further cleaning. You can manufacture your own cleaning solution by using one-part sodium hypochlorite with ten parts water, or you can purchase retainer cleaner in tablet form. Your retainer will be spotless after soaking for 5 to 10 minutes.

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To guarantee that your investment in having a straight smile lasts for years to come, you should always go by your dentist's instructions for wearing retainers Abu Dhabi. Make sure your retainers are constantly well seated at all times. Keep them from "flopping" around. Avoid putting your retainers in hot water or leaving them in a hot car (such as a boiling them or putting them into the dishwasher.) They will distort or melt because they are heat-sensitive.
Most common type of retainers Abu Dhabi are :
- Removable Hawley Wire Retainers.
- Removable Clear Plastic Retainers.
- Bonded Permanent Retainers.
Retainers should be worn continuously for maximum benefits. For the first eight weeks following the end of active therapy, the retainer should be worn by the majority of patients at all times, with the exception of when they eat, drink, or brush their teeth. The precise amount of time depends on the patient. While some patients may need to wear a retainer full-time for only a few weeks, others may need to do so for several months. Patients will visit throughout this time for routine check-ups and adjustments. The retainer only needs to be worn at night once the teeth have stabilised.
You should rinse the retainers under warm water after very carefully removing them with both hands. After that, brush them with a soft brush and nonabrasive toothpaste, applying even pressure and supporting the retainer as a whole to prevent twisting.
Your teeth could shift back into their natural positions if you forget to wear your retainer. If you don't use your retainer after having braces removed, this could happen. Once your braces are taken off, your teeth will start to shift back into their original positions.
Even bonded retainers lose their effectiveness over time. The lifespans of various retainers vary. A clear retainer typically lasts between one and three years. A Hawley retainer has a lifespan of two to eight years. Lastly, "permanent" retainers have a lifespan of four to ten years. The life duration of each retainer depends on how attentively a patient cleans and cares for it.
A retainer that is too tight might crowd teeth by shifting teeth in the wrong direction. The retainer may not offer the proper alignment if it is overly loose. If retainers Abu Dhabi fits properly and is created by an experienced orthodontist, a retainer won't damage your teeth.
Look for any cracks in any plastic retainers you may be wearing. You might need to get a new retainer if there are. If the retainer isn't changed, the fissures can continue to widen. As a result, the retainer won't be as effective in holding your teeth in place.
Fixed retainers, also known as permanent retainers, are attached to your teeth using a substance that resembles glue. This kind of retainer cannot be taken out by the wearer. They are frequently put on the upper, lower, or front teeth to prevent shifting or separation over time.