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Tooth Extraction Service In Abu Dhabi

When teeth are severely decaying, damaged beyond repair, or exceedingly loose and mobile, tooth extraction is required. Only if a filling or crown cannot repair your teeth will your dentist remove them. Extraction treatments might be straightforward or need some bone cutting (Surgical Extraction). An impacted tooth is one that has not fully emerged (emerged fully into the oral cavity). The impacted tooth may be completely encased in bone (full bony impaction), partially encased in bone (partial bony impaction), or merely encased in soft gum tissue (soft gum impaction) (a soft tissue impaction). Wisdom teeth aren’t the only ones that might cause problems. Every permanent tooth has the potential to be impacted. There may be no need for therapy if the impact does not appear to damage neighbouring teeth. It may be necessary to remove it if it affects other teeth. As the leading dental clinic we offer efficient tooth extraction Abu Dhabi. Shield Medical Center is well equipped to handle even the most complex tooth extraction Abu Dhabi and procedures. With competent and careful approach, our professional dentists can perform tooth extraction Abu Dhabi treatments with little to no discomfort. To avoid additional difficulties, the missing tooth space will be quickly filled with an implant/denture or a bridge.