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How to Make your Smile Even Cuter with a Retainer

Finally, the time has arrived. Before you can fully rejoice that your braces are finally coming off, your orthodontist informs you that you still must wear a retainer. Despite the fact that you probably don’t want to hear it, follow your orthodontist’s advice. To preserve your smile and prevent your teeth from shifting back to their natural positions, retainers are required. Wear your retainer as directed by your orthodontist for your most stunning smile. If you are looking for retainers in Abu Dhabi, then this is a must-read.

We take off your dental braces and all other orthodontic devices that were used to align your teeth properly during the retainer phase commonly referred to as the retention phase. You won’t have any bands, brackets, or other Invisalign attachments left by that time. You can consume everything you desire while enjoying the sensation of having clean, smooth teeth. But, bear in mind that your orthodontic procedure is still ongoing.

The next step is for our orthodontic staff to make a custom retainer, which will continue to correct your teeth, enhance your smile, and prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original positions. This is normally done on the day your orthodontic devices are removed. What to anticipate throughout the retainer phase is as follows?

Three types of retainers

  1. Loop retainer – The most popular kind is the “Hawley” (or loop) retainer. It is a thin, tongue-shaped component that is molded to fit your mouth and uses a wire to hold your teeth in place. Removable aligners of this kind are straightforward, robust, and simple to take out and put back in.
  2. Hard cast – Another popular design is a clear design (also known as a “hard cast”) that resembles clear braces or Invisalign removable aligners. These retainers are created to order from thin plastic. The key benefit of this design is that they are undetectable and easy to remove. However, when you require an expander or a quad, they don’t hold the much-needed width as efficiently as a loop retainer.
  3. Fixed retainer – The last choice, a fixed retainer, is a common one for the lower teeth. Not only are these retainers invisible, but they are also not detachable. The bottom canine teeth have a wire attached to the back that could stay there permanently. If you are at significant risk of having your teeth revert back to their pre-braces position, we advise that you wear this type of retainer.

Adjusting to your Retainer

Retainers are incredibly simple to get used to, and within a few weeks, you won’t even notice them. At first, speaking might be a little more difficult, but that shouldn’t last very long. The hardest part will be remembering to remove your retainers when eating or brushing your teeth and to put them back in as soon as you are finished. There are many patients who inadvertently throw away their retainer in a napkin after their meal.

For the first ten weeks, we advise wearing your retainer constantly. We gradually shift you to wearing your retainer only at night times. If you wear your retainer less frequently and experience tightness when you re-insert it, that indicates that you put it off wearing it for too long. If it feels better, try increasing your frequency. Give us a call if you wear your retainer every night and are still experiencing tightness.

Caring for your retainer

All retainers should be cleaned properly. You can clean your retainer with a toothbrush, however, we advise using specialized retainer cleaner (or denture cleaner). When brushing and flossing, fixed retainers should be cleaned as well. Additionally, we advise against washing your retainer in hot water to expose it to extreme heat as this could cause the retainer to stretch into a different form.

Last but not least, always bring your retainer to your appointments with the orthodontist. The shift from braces to a brighter smile will be much smoother with proper retainer use!

We at Shield Medical Center are the top orthodontists in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and make every effort to make your smile happy and healthy. If you have any inquiries about the retainer portion of your orthodontic treatment, give us a call at +971 58 542 7977.

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