Expert Scaling and Cleaning: The Features of Our Teeth Scaling Services

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Expert Scaling and Cleaning: The Features of Our Teeth Scaling Services

Scaling and cleaning your teeth is a routine procedure that is essential in the treatment of periodontal disorders. Our continual goal at Shield Medical Center is to offer top-notch, reasonably priced dental care. To assist you in maintaining excellent dental health, we offer comprehensive dental cleaning and scaling treatments and dentures in Abu Dhabi.

So, in this blog let’s see in detail about teeth scaling and how it’s done.

What is Teeth Scaling?

Patients with gum disease frequently undergo dental scaling as a treatment. When the bacteria in your plaque cause your gums to swell as a result of poor oral hygiene habits, you have gum disease. As your gums are irritated, they begin to progressively pull away from your teeth, leaving tiny spaces that invite additional plaque and bacteria to colonise.

Plaque then becomes trapped in these pockets and is unable to be eliminated by brushing normally. Gum disease can result in tooth decay and bone loss if it is not treated.

How Does it Work?

To ease discomfort before the surgery begins, the gums and teeth may be given a local anaesthetic. The dentist then performs scaling using a different kind of tool.

The dentist starts by vibrating the teeth with an ultrasonic tool to release the larger, more obvious deposits. As the treatment continues, the device blasts a cooling water mist to clear the particles. To stop the deposits, the patient might occasionally be requested to spit.

The dentist may switch to hand scalers, which come in various sizes, after removing the large deposits. Although their use may extend the duration of the treatment, they allow the dentist additional control since they enable them to access inaccessible places that cannot be reached by the ultrasonic instrument. Moreover, they can be used to remove tiny deposits, especially those stuck in between teeth. Using a handpiece with a cup filled with soft rubber, the dentist can continue polishing once scaling is finished. The fluoride-containing paste is next applied to the rubber cup.

The dentist smooths the freshly cleaned parts of the teeth by rubbing and moving the hand piece. The patient may not be permitted to eat or drink for the first 30 to 60 minutes after returning to normal activity.

Benefits of Teeth Scaling:

  • Avoid Cavities and Tooth Decay

You may prevent cavities and tooth decay, which are the root of all significant dental issues, by visiting a dentist who specialises in teeth scaling near me. The enamel layer, which makes up the toughest part of your teeth, is harmed by cavities, which act as a haven for filth.

Consider the possible harm it could do as a result! Plaque is simply a film of white, sticky material on your teeth. Plaque can be prevented by seeing the dentist every six months for scaling in addition to practising good oral hygiene practises like brushing twice a day and flossing.

  • Prevent Bad Breadth

Plaque traps bacteria and hardens into tartar on the teeth, which produces halitosis, or bad breath. Plaque is the source of many dental issues. Regular brushing and flossing will have some effects, but scaling is necessary to completely get rid of bad breath.

Once all bacteria, stains, tartar, and plaque have been eliminated, your mouth will feel cleaner.

  • Avoid Periodontal Disease

If plaque has developed below the gumline, it will harm your gums and cause a number of problems. Tooth loss could happen as a result of this.

Your gumline, which serves as a solid anchor for your teeth, will be safeguarded by cleaning or scaling your teeth, as well as maintaining general dental care.

  • Remove Stains

When drinking wine, coloured beverages, tea, or coffee, or cigarettes tingles emerge on the teeth.
With the help of teeth scaling near me, it enables you to get rid of all these stains from and on your teeth, keep your smile, and to some extent lighten your teeth.

Provide Complete Care for Your Smile

Regular dental cleanings help get rid of plaque before it turns into tartar. Nonetheless, some people are quite afraid of going to the dentist. You are not alone if you can relate to this. Odontophobia, often known as dental phobia, affects up to one in three persons. 10% of people are so terrified of going to the dentist that they never do it.

But not to worry anymore! Shield Medical Center, the ideal dental clinic Al Ain, ensures to provide quality treatment for the patients with their expert certified dentists.

Your deep teeth cleaning procedure will be as comfortable as possible thanks to the efforts of our dentists. Our dental hygienists will instruct you on proper flossing and brushing procedures after teeth scaling to help prevent the growth of tartar and germs in the future.

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