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Cosmetic Dentistry: The Complete Guide

A beautiful smile and strong teeth are important for several reasons, including aesthetics and overall health. At some point in our life, we all experience teeth that are discolored, misaligned, or damaged. Modern cosmetic dentistry may be able to improve your smile if you’re not happy with it. The overall dental sector is seeing an increase in demand for cosmetic dentistry. This includes teeth whitening, braces, veneers, etc. If you are looking for a teeth whitening clinic in Abu Dhabi, then this is for you.

What is Cosmetic dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry and how does it work in giving you a gorgeous smile? Well, cosmetic dentistry is a specific type of dental operation that enhances the appearance of your teeth and smile. It is usually called “Smile makeovers”. There are many ways to do this, and each one is dependent on the patient’s particular demands and their own distinctive oral structure.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Who wouldn’t want to look their best? Cosmetic dentistry has definite advantages. It makes you look better. In terms of cosmetic dentistry, the proverb “Beauty is more than skin deep” holds true.

Smiling does more than simply enhance your appearance. Dental imperfections can reduce your self-esteem. Tiny adjustments to your teeth can have a significant impact on how you feel and make you look confident.

Perhaps you don’t consider going to the dentist as a method to improve your life. A new smile might occasionally alter your perspective and boost your self-confidence. Your perspective on the world will shift as a result of feeling more self-assured.

Different types of Cosmetic dentistry

Your teeth can look better with the help of cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry techniques. This sort of dental procedure comprises veneers, braces, tooth whitening, and a wide range of other methods. Let’s take a closer look at these dental procedures.


A veneer is a thin, porcelain-like substance that is bonded to the top of a natural tooth to fix or replace teeth that are cracked, discolored, or out of alignment. Veneers can be made of resin or porcelain. They are manufactured specifically for each patient to look like their real teeth. To give you a smile that looks natural, your dentist will match the veneer to your existing teeth.


Porcelain, stainless steel, and ceramic are just a few examples of the materials used to create a crown, a prosthetic tooth. A good option for repairing a cracked or weak tooth is a crown. If a simple filling is unable to restore a tooth, it is typically required.

A crown is typically done in two visits. Your tooth’s decay is removed during the initial appointment. The tooth is then prepped for the crown and filled with resin. Your teeth will be digitally captured, and a dental lab will create the permanent crown from that impression. Your dentist will match the color of your crown to the surrounding teeth so it looks completely natural.

An interim crown is positioned until your permanent one is made. During your second visit, the crown will be affixed to your tooth.

Cosmetic whitening of the teeth

Brightening your teeth is a fantastic method to enhance your smile. Our teeth may lose their initial brilliance over time. Red wine, berries, and coffee are a few examples of meals that can discolor teeth.

A whitening procedure can make your smile whiter and less yellow. Many people choose to have their teeth whitened at home such as personalized whitening trays.

The finest and safest option to whiten your teeth is in-office, under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist. A professional tooth whitening clinic in Abu Dhabi can perform bleaching in about an hour. The mouth and gums are covered and the dentist can alter the bleaching agent’s concentration by using stronger chemicals.

Enamel contouring and shaping

Parts of the enamel are chiseled away or removed to improve the appearance of your teeth. This cosmetic operation can be a viable choice for you if you have teeth that are uneven or overlapping, chipped, or if you have a bite issue.

Implant Dentistry

Replace lost teeth with dental implants. A tooth that seems natural is produced by joining metal to the jawbone and fitting a crown onto the implanted metal. Many best dental implants clinics in Abu Dhabi can help you with getting the best smile at an affordable price.

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